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Core Aeration

Core Aeration

Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements. This is the process of removing soil plugs and depositing them back onto the lawn. This promotes a healthier root growth, reduces water runoff, enhances the oxygen level in the soil, helps nutrients reach the root zone of the grass and eases soil compaction.

For some lawns this would be a good time to to add grass seed to your lawn, if yours is thinning out or has bare spots. This will also help to reduce weeds by creating a lush lawn.


Fall Time

Fall is also a good time for aerating your lawn because it will help to avoid rainfall pooling on the surface of the grass instead of reaching the roots and feeding them. And speaking of feeding the lawn, fall is a good time to fertilize the lawn to encourage root growth.

This will help the turf green up earlier when spring arrives. On the other hand, your perennial plants are winding down at summer’s end, and don’t need to be fertilized — it will waste energy on leaf production.