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Yard Clean Up

Fall Leaf Clean Up

There is nothing more beautiful than the changing colors of the leaves in the Fall. Once the leaves fall to the ground and cover your lawn, they become an eyesore and a rotting mess that can smother your lawn.

Depending on city ordinances, leaves can be blown to the curb, collected in bags and placed at the curb, disposed of on site in a wooded area or removed completely or mulched into the lawn and applied to the flower beds (This is also an inexpensive form of mulch and a great way to provide nitrogen to the lawn).

You do want the lawn to have one more good trim – shorter grass has a better chance of resisting disease over the winter. And falling leaves have less places to get caught and stuck when the grass is short. Don’t cut below 1.25 inches, though, because grass makes most of its food in the upper blade.


Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up will get your yard ready for summer. We will remove sticks and branches that may have fallen from the trees over the winter and prune any dead branches to make way for new growth. We will remove any debris that has accumulated on your lawn and blow out any remaining leaves that are left in the flower beds.